We are happy to announce that the main achievements of the DEEPEGS project are gathered in a Book of Publications (BoP). BoP aims to acknowledge the scientific work achieved by DEEPEGS researchers’ team during the lifespan of the Horizon 2020 funding. Book of Publication covers project key findings, journal articles, conference proceedings and abstracts, and a list of WGC2020 peer-reviewed proceedings which are still waiting to be published due to postponement of the WGC2020 event. The Book of Publications will be available as a hardcopy and received by each partner. Work published in the book covers research done by scientists working in the consortium between 2016 and June 2020. 

Scientists attended 35 different conferences and issued 129 scientifically acknowledged documents in the project lifespan. Researchers published their findings during 15 various conferences and in 5 independent scientific journals. Public publications are presented as scientific journal articles, conference abstracts and proceedings (those are released in the Book of Publications), public presentations during workshop, conferences and various scientific meetings, conference posters, public reports, and project deliverables. All of the public documents released by the scientists are available online under link https://deepegs.eu/publications/.

DEEPEGS Project Office will exist virtually and maintained by GEORG Geothermal Research Cluster together with other partners for next five years and make sure to communicate further scientific findings which are a result of the work done during the lifespan of the DEEPEGS project. For that purpose, we will use the following hashtags #DEEPEGSpublications and #DEEPEGSproject.


Book of Publication Part 1 content link here

  • Key findings                       see page 8
  • Scientific Papers                see page 11
  • Conference proceedings  see page 157
  • INDEX 1                              see page 287

Book of Publication Part 2 content link here

  • Conference abstracts        see page 7
  • WGC2020 Proceedings   see page 51
  • INDEX 2                             see page 314



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