On November 6 & 7 2019, the BRGM hosted the DEEPEGS Symposium, at its offices in Orléans, France. For this final DEEPEGS meeting, more than 50 researchers and industrials from 7 different countries such as France, Italia, Iceland, Norway, Canada, Germany and Switzerland, met to discuss a very focussed subject: “How to enhance deep geothermal well productivity?“.

In two days, seventeen talks gave an overview of the main achievements in different national or European projects as H2020-DEEPEGS, H2020-GEOENVI, H2020-DESTRESS, IDDP-2, H2020-GECO,  H2020-Geowell and Research Grant (SI/500963-01) of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

Fivekeynotes speakers opened the discussions debating on relative topics as:

  • Camille Maurel and Julie Maury- the environmental concerns for deploying geothermal energy in Europe (BRGM & H2020-Geoenvi project)
  • Clément Baujard- the deep geothermal exploitation in France from an industrial point of view ES Géothermie)
  • François Cornet- the induced seismicity (University Strasbourg)
  • Sébastien Chailleux- the acceptability and with the politicisation of the underground (sociologist from University of Pau (UPPA))

It was intensive for two days! Nonetheless, the emphasis on the symposium on a focussed subject eases the exchange between attendees of this limited community.

On November 7 afternoon and November 8 on the morning, two visits concluded the symposium by presenting France’s latest advances in all geothermal:

  •  shallow geothermal platform sited in Orléans is the place to test all innovative heat exchangers with closed-loop,
  • SEMACH heating network in the Paris Basin demonstrates an efficient district heating system – it is one of the Paris’ networks supplying heat for 27000 equivalent residential units.

The success of this symposium is the result of the great engagement of people and partners.

We are particularly grateful to the members of the steering and scientific committees for their involvement.

Extended abstracts report available to download here 


Uncountable thanks to our sponsors: BRGM, DEEPEGS project, Carnot project Energics, Centre-Val-de-Loire Region,

and also to our partners: CFG Services, CFMRCarnot Institut, Pole Avenia and KIT for supporting the event.

Prepared by Mariane Peter, BRGM



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