The DEEPEGS symposium organising committee is excited to announce that the final program of the DEEPEGS symposium has been published.

The symposium focuses on the topic “How to enhance deep geothermal well productivity?” and aims at discussing new approaches and methods to improve and to assess the improvement of the well productivity in the field of deep geothermal reservoirs. There will be a strong focus on tight geothermal reservoir & low permeability formations.

It is confirmed the plenary lectures will be conducted on broader topics related to EGS by experienced scientists:

  • C. Baujard: An overview of geothermal reservoir enhancement results in the Rhine Graben during post-drilling well development operations and reservoir exploitation
  • J. Maury: Overview of the risk and impact associated with EGS, application to EGS in the Rhine graben
  • F. Cornet: Engineering safe shear motions for the development of EGS reservoirs
  • S. Chailleux: The politicization of the subsurface: from technical assumptions to social conflicts and political choices

The Symposium DEEPEGS aims to bring scientists from all over the world to present and discuss their most recent findings in the field of deep geothermal wells on three main streams:

  • Well design, drilling & completion: Designing the well to optimise the connection with the reservoir
  • Enhancement technologies and methods: Challenges and solutions to enhance the productivity index of the wells
  • Well performance prediction and assessment: Assessing the efficiency of the well enhancement


Agenda of the DEEPEGS Symposium Orleans available to download here as PDF file 


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