Currently, as the DEEPEGS project shortly will be ending, the DEEPEGS Team works on providing fuller and wider access to scientific publications and other proceedings data to be shared and disseminate for a longer time after the project life span. We are summarising the DEEPEGS work done since December 2015 by all the scientists and their joint integration and synthesis work. With this move, we at DEEPEGS project want to ensure maximum benefits for the European innovation community. The dissemination of the innovation findings is recognized by the partners as an essential element of the innovation.

The DEEPEGS project aims to ensure the transfer of knowledge, best practices and stimulate implementation and further innovations. Work done by researchers during the DEEPEGS life span is saved on the Publication web and work will be shared with public upcoming days.


We attended multiple business and academic events, submitted hundreds of papers to different conferences and created amazing researcher- and business networks which we wish to keep alive for next years.

Twitter and Facebook accounts will use the #DEEPEGSpublications hashtag to provide easy-open access to all information.

We keep you posted!


The database of publications aims to help and encourage the reader to*: 

  • Accelerate innovation (faster to market = faster growth);
  • Foster collaboration and avoid duplication of efforts (greater efficiency);
  • Build on previous research results (improved quality of results);
  • Involve citizens and society (improved transparency of the scientific process).

*(Retrieved from European IPR Helpdesk, May 2014)


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