The DEEPEGS project submitted its 1st Periodic Report, covering months 1-18 of the project to the European Commission at the end of July 2017.  This is followed by a Review Meeting in Svartsengi, Iceland on 22 August 2017 led by HS Orka Coordinator and Peter Petrov European Commission DEEPEGS Officer and attended by project leaders from all organizations. Presentations for the EC officials are focused on work within the project to date, expressing interest in the activities around technical milestones and the initial findings from the research carried out by the DEEPEGS team. Meeting began with the visit to the RN-15 / DEEPEGS / IDDP2 drill site. Next, each Work Package will give a summary of the 18 months achievements and by the end of the day visit to the Blue Lagoon site will be organized.

All together we have 18 attendees on the meeting.


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