The DEEPEGS well at Reykjanes has reached 3640 m depth and now it is the deepest hole in Iceland. The well is cased with a 9 5/8 inch steel casing to 2.940 m, and after cementing the casing the well was deepened with 8 ½ inch rotary drill bit. While drilling below the casing, quite severe losses of circulation fluid were experienced (meaning no fluid or drill cuttings are returned to the surface), which was partly mitigated with cementing operations. Two spot coring runs were also attempted. While drilling further with the loss of circulation fluid good progress has been made and drilling has been performed safely and securely.

As the well reached a true vertical depth of 3.500 m it formally became the IDDP-2 well. Continuing the operation, the well will be thoroughly logged and measured and some core drilling will take place. The objective is to drill down to 5.000 m, searching for a supercritical steam zone.



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