#DEEPEGSpublications would not be the same if not the amazing number of accepted scientific journal articles prepared by DEEPEGS scientist in the years 2016 – 2020.

The first scientific publication was already sent for revision in June 2017 which is one and a half year after the project started. The paper describes a supercritical condition reached at a depth of 4.5 km in January 2017 including permeability studies performed at multiple depth levels. It was recognised as a milestone in the development of geothermal resources and the study of hydrothermal systems. A full essay can be read in “The Iceland Deep Drilling Project 4.5 km deep well, IDDP-2, in the seawater-recharged Reykjanes geothermal field in SW Iceland has successfully reached its supercritical target”  written by Friðleifsson G.O., Elders W.A., Zierenberg R.A., Stefánsson A, Fowler A.P.G., Weisenberger T.B., Harðarson B.S., Mesfin K.G. issued in Sci. Dril., 23, 1–12, 2017 (https://doi.org/10.5194/sd-23-1-2017).

Articles provide a deep enclosure to studies of the well and its geological properties focusing on different technological, economical and social aspects such as deep drilling techniques, EGS, thermal stimulation, fracture initiation, DEM (Discrete Element Model), borehole logging images, supercritical fluids, black smokers, environmental impacts, ecosystem services, monitoring geothermal systems, controlled-source electro-magnetic, magneto-telluric, time-lapse, geothermal reservoir, MT, CSEM, faulting, volcanic systems, eruption frequency, segmented volcanic systems. 

Team of DEEPEGS scientist reached already 10 scientific articles plus two currently in a review. Papers were published in following publishing houses:

  1. Ecosystem Services, Volume 37, 2019
  2. Geothermal Energy 7, Springer Open 2019
  3. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 2019
  4. Society of Petroleum Engineers 2018
  5. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Elsevier 2018
  6. Scientific Drilling 2018
  7. Geothermal Energy, Springer Open Nature 2018
  8. Scientific Drilling 2017

It makes in total  12 scientific journals issued in six independent scientific journals!


A full list of scientific publication and their full issues available on ⇒  https://deepegs.eu/scientific-publications/

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