# Title Authors Year
1 A 300 Degree Celsius Directional Drilling System. Stefánsson, A., R. Duerholt, J. Schroder, J. Macpherson, C. Hohl, T. Kruspe and T.J. Eriksen 2017
2 The Iceland Deep Drilling Project at Reykjanes: Drilling into the root zone of a black smoker analog,  Friðleifsson, G.Ó., Elders, W.A., Zierenberg, R.A., Fowler, A.P.G., Weisenberger, T.B., Mesfin, K.G., Sigurðsson, Ó., Níelsson, S., Einarsson, G., Óskarsson, F., Guðnaso,n E.G., Tulinius, H., Hokstad, K., Benoit, G., Nono, F., Loggia, D., Parat, F., Cichy, S.B., Escobedo, D., and Mainprice, D. 2018
3 The Iceland Deep Drilling Project 4.5km deep well, IDDP-2, in the seawater-recharged Reykjanes geothermal B34field in SW Iceland has successfully reached its  supercritical target Friðleifsson G.O., Elders W.A., Zierenberg R.A., Stefánsson A,
Fowler A.P.G., Weisenberger T.B., Harðarson B.S.,Mesfin K.G.
4 The Newberry Deep Drilling Program (NDDP) workshop Bonneville, A., Cladouhos, T.T., Petty S., Sultz, A., Sörlie, C., Asanuma, H., Fridleifsson, G.O., Jaupart C., and deNatale, G. 2018
5 Geology and structure of the Reykjanes volcanic system, Iceland Sæmundsson K., M.Á. Sigurgeirsson, G.Ó. Friðleifsson 2018
6 Monitoring geothermal reservoir developments with the Controlled-Source Electro-Magnetic method — A calibration study on the Reykjanes geothermal field Darnet M.,Wawrzyniak P., Coppo N., Nielsson S., Schill E., Fridleifsson G.Ó. 2018
7 Borehole damaging under thermo-mechanical loading in the RN-15/IDDP-2 deep well: towards validation of numerical modeling using logging images Peter-Borie, M., Loschetter, A., Merciu, I.A., Kampfer, G., Sigurdsson, O. 2018
8 Rare earth element systematics in boiled fluids from basalt-hosted geothermal systems Fowler A.P.G.,  Zierenberg R.A., Reed M.H., Palandri J., Óskarsson F., Gunnarsson I., 2018


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