Latest news. The IDC drill rig  Thor is currently being moved from the RN-15/IDDP-2/DEEPEGS deep drill hole at Reykjanes to a new drill site within the field (RN-35).  The rig has been on drill site for the last 12 months and operated directly on grid power from the unique geothermal power plant of HS ORKA.

The  RN15/IDDP-2 well is the deepest well in Iceland and reached supercritical conditions during drilling. The DEEPEGS and IDDP-2 project teams like to thank the IDC team working day and night for months to achieve this magnificent milestone, and we will miss the photogenic drill rig Þór from the landscape at Reykjanes. For the next several months we will continue to inject cold stimulating water into the well before allowing the well to heat-up and moving into the flow testing phase.

Drill rig Þór on pictures:

Þór leaving the site, July 2017

Drill rig Þór leaving Deepegs Demonstrator at Reykjanes

DEEPEGS Team at Drill Rig










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